We are looking for Partners and Co-Founders

We are your business partner.  Software engineers and product developers spend years learning what they are great at.  Who knew a business degree was needed as well?   In order to maintain quality in their work product, entrepreneurs don’t have time to focus on all the intricacies of marketing and business.   That’s where we come in.  We are the direct business counterparts to technology and product developers. We are your business partner.

We look for

We are looking for individuals and teams that want to make a major impact.   Our potential partners work as a team to create value for all.  Let’s see if your product or technology fits well with our core focus.

We are

Niche helps partners spend more time on product and technology as we help create, refine and implement the business plan. The value is in our experience in finance, marketing, strategy and business in general.  We are your business partner.


When we partner with entrepreneurs, we bring the full suite of Niche’s capabilities to the table, leading the business side, giving our partners the time…  More


Niche looks to partner with individuals and teams that have an existing product or technology at MVP stage or later. The sectors we are most excited about…  More


We look forward to hearing from you. If you have a product or technology that is at MVP, Prototype stage or later, we would be very interested in discussing how we might partner… More